SourceOne Email Management: Rebuild Index in Elasticsearch causes the IndexWork drive to run out of space.


   Article Number:     539726                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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User is attempting to run "Rebuild Index" on several indexes.   
    The Rebuild runs for several days and never finishes.   
    The indexing process ExAsElasticObj.exe seems like is hang and it is not finishing the Rebuild.   
    The drive where Index Work directory is located has run out of space.   
    A large number of volume (.emx) are found in the Volume folder under the Index Work directories.






The volumes are not being deleted after they have been processed by the indexer.   
    This causes the Index Work directory drive to fill up. This is issue is more likely to happen with ElasticSearch indexes which are much bigger compared to ISYS and when several indexes are being rebuild at the same time.   
    This is caused by a software defect cited in SDR62951






This issue is resolved in SourceOne Email Management 7.2.9. SourceOne Patch and Hot Fixes are available for download via,