DELL EMC SourceOne - Detailed job logs for Historical Archive and Shortcut activities configured for HCL Domino mailboxes report wrong mailbox size if mailbox size is larger than 2GB


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When user mailbox on HCL Domino server is larger than 2GB, detail job log for SourceOne Historical Archive and Historical Shortcut activities will only display mailbox size as 2GB. If mailbox size is below 2GB then correct size is reported.    
    Following is an example of lines printed in detail job log when mailbox size on domino server is 6GB and job was configured as Historical Shortcut job:   

Processing Mail Container: Dominouser/lab (CN=Dominouser/O=lab)    Mailbox size before shortcut messages: 2048.00MB...    Mailbox size after shortcut messages: 2048.00 MB     






This problem is caused by software defect cited under SDR62950                                                           






This issue will be resolved in patches or Service Pack versions of EMC SourceOne Email Management post 7.2.SP8 ( DELL EMC SourceOne Patch and Service Pack kits are available for download via    
    If your site is running into this issue before release containing fix is available, please contact DELL EMC Technical Support, share support note article and SDR number (62950) with your support representative.