Cyber Recovery - Procedure to change the docker host and UI mgmt IP address for RL mount issues


   Article Number:     539591                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




DD6800 Appliance,Data Domain





Error Message in the mgmtdds.log at the location:   
     RL unable to mount : /cr/mnt/5dd6f98d94422f0001d3bc2c exit status 32   






We have seen cases where some of the copy lock jobs didn't work from the CR when the CR has multiple IP address                                                           






In order to change the mgmt IP address of the CR container to a new IP address which can be communicated with DD IP. Please follow the procedure below:   
    Log on to centos CR mgmt host using Putty session and export dockerHost to a New IP with in centos (ifconfig -a) that can be communicated to the DD for mount purposes.   
    #export dockerHost=NewIP   
    #echo $dockerHost --->to verify the new IP   
    After the Step1, navigate to the location:   
    cd /opt/dellemc/cr/bin/   
    ./ -a ------------->To complete the change of Mgmt IP of the CR   
    Enter the Lockbox Passphrase when prompted   
    You should see a complete message with new IP of dockerHost at the End of the successful run.   
    In order to use a different IP to login to GUI of the CR other than the dockerHost IP you need to perform the following procedure:   
    Step 1:   
    Log into docker container of cr_ui_1 using the command below:   
    #docker exec -it cr_ui_1   
    Go to the following Path:   
    #cd /etc/ngnix/conf.d   
    #more default.conf ----------> Navigate to the End of the config file to see the Current IP for UI access in the highlighted line below and confirm that you want to change that to a new IP:   
    location /cr/ {   
    change it in the proxy_pass   
    As the Vi Editor is not available in cr_ui_1 container please use the SED editor. (Example is done below)   
    OLD IP:     
      new IP: : UI --->Need to be changed
    #sed -i s/10\.216\.53\.30/10\.3\.192\.171/g default.conf   
    OLD IP: A.B.C.D     
      New IP: E.F.G.H     
      #sed -i s/A\.B\.C\.D/E\.F\.G\.H/g default.conf
    #cat default.conf ------- To confirm the new IP for UI/GUI access   
    Step 3:   
    Restart the UI container using   
    #docker restart cr_ui_1   






Kindly Ensure that you can connect to the CR UI and execute copy lock jobs at the end of the session.