Data Protection Advisor (DPA): How does DPA calculate "Bytes Not Sent" and "Bytes Sent" values in the Backup All Jobs report?


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Data Protection Advisor





The fields "Bytes Not Sent" and "Bytes Sent" appear on the Backup All Jobs report, where does DPA get these values?                                                           






The 2 fields only apply to Avamar backup jobs and the values are returned directly from the Avamar database query used by DPA.   
    As per the Data Collection Reference Guide, the fields have the following information:   

  •         “Bytes Modified Sent” – this is NEW data sent from Avamar to storage.  Storage being either gsan or an attached Data Domain,     
  •         “Bytes modified not sent” – this is data that was changed but didn't need to be sent to storage because it was deduplicated at source.       
    Please contact Dell Technical Support for further information.