Data Domain : "Headswap RPM not found" warning printed while running a DDOS upgrade or precheck


   Article Number:     539576                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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A headswap is a process by which the head on a physical DD (those with data storage on external shelves) or virtual DDs (DDVEs) can be swapped for another one, for mechanical replacement or resolving certain hardware or software issues. The headswap process can be a complex one, more details about which can be found in the corresponding " System Controller Upgrade Guide " for the particular DDOS version, for example (DDOS version 6.x):   
    During the process at some point there is the need for the current DDOS version RPM to be on disk. The presence of this file is something the upgrade precheck will confirm, and if it can't find the file at the corresponding location, it will end up printing the following WARNING (example given for an upgrade precheck):   

Current Upgrade Status: DD OS precheck SucceededNode   Severity   Issue                           Solution----   --------   ------------------------------  --------0      WARNING    Headswap RPM not found0      INFO       Upgrade time est: 60 mins----   --------   ------------------------------  --------End time: 2019.12.02:03:47    
    Being a warning, this issue would not prevent a successful upgrade, but it would be a good time (considering the need for DD downtime for the upgrade) to fix this problem in case a headswap may be necessary at some point in the future, however resolving the issue does not require any downtime of its own.   






The reason why the precheck informs of a warning about the "headswap" RPM not being found is because it expects it to be in a given place, and it could not find it there. RPM may be located somewhere else, but not at the expected location. There have been in the past DDOS defects which have moved the mentioned RPM around disk or left in a different directory, and some of these issues are not automatically resolved during upgrades.   







      To confirm this is indeed the problem, after you have tried to run a precheck which ended with the WARNING, use the CLI to check the "infra.log" file, and search for something like the following:   

# log view debug/platform/infra.log12/02 03:47:13: dd_upgrade[23829-0x6318c0]: [upg-info] precheck check Z99_platform_fixes starting12/02 03:47:13: dd_upgrade[23829-0x6318c0]: [upg-err] [5] error: /ddr/ext/releases/link_to_new_rpmfile.rpm: open failed: No such file or directory12/02 03:47:13: dd_upgrade[23829-0x6318c0]: [upg-info] WARNING: rpm -K link_to_new_rpmfile.rpm. RPM check on external shelf failed: 25612/02 03:47:13: dd_upgrade[23829-0x6318c0]: [upg-info] WARNING:12/02 03:47:13: dd_upgrade[23829-0x6318c0]: [upgrade_progress_log] ISSUE node: 0 precheck: true severity: Warning problem: "Headswap RPM not found" solution: ""12/02 03:47:13: dd_upgrade[23829-0x6318c0]: [upg-info] precheck check Z99_platform_fixes complete    

      Most times the file does exist on disk , but not at the expected location. It will typically be on disk as "/ddr/var/link_to_new_rpmfile.rpm", but sometimes the file may not exist at all.     
      To resolve this problem, unless you want to proceed with the upgrade, please contact your contracted support provider for assistance. The issue may be resolved also after the upgrade, so there is really no need to postpone a planned upgrade due to this WARNING, unless in the very rare case the upgrade will be immediately followed by a headswap process.