Data Protection Advisor (DPA): Agent fails to register. The Node with the id 'xxx' was not found (exception.id_not_found)


   Article Number:     539862                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor Family





Attempting to use a locally installed Agent to discovered an Object which was previously discovered and functioning within DPA but then deleted from the DPA Inventory.  When attempting to re-discovery the Object via the Discovery Wizard the following error is returned:    
    From Discovery Wizard:   
          Test failed! Unable to connect to host with the given host name and aliases. Please, verify that the DPA server has access to the host with the name and aliases.   
    From debug dpaagent logs:   
       <message>The Node with the id &apos;36354512-c2ee-4f9e-8f0e-00f7cdb9558b&apos; was not found</message>   
       <entry name="type">Node</entry>   
       <entry name="id">36354512-c2ee-4f9e-8f0e-00f7cdb9558b</entry>   
    ERR     16604.16604    20191203:151709         agent.config - initAgentConfig(): Failed to register agent with the server. Waiting to retry ...   
    Within the DPA Application server.log a similar error is seen:   
    2019-12-03 15:17:56,493 ERROR [] (http-/ JBAS014134: EJB Invocation failed on component GetNodeCommandBean for method public abstract com.emc.apollo.datamodel.node.Node com.emc.apollo.command.node.GetNodeCommand.getNodeNoTx(java.util.UUID): javax.ejb.EJBException: com.emc.apollo.common.exception.ApolloException: The Node with the id '36354512-c2ee-4f9e-8f0e-00f7cdb9558b' was not found (exception.id_not_found)   
    The above f_id was not found in the dpa.nodes table within DPA but this f_id was in the Agent local configuration database (agent_config.db).






The Agent was passing a f_id to the DPA Application Server which was not in the DPA Datastore.    






The f_id used by the Agent before it was deleted from DPA is still stored locally within the agent_config.db and this is being pasted to the DPA Application Server.  As the DPA Application Server no longer has any record of the f_id an error is returned.       
        Recommendations in a similar situation are to collect following items:

  1.         The daapgent.log in Debug low      
  3.         The server.log with the  Configuration service in DEBUG     
  5.         The content of the <install_dir>/agent/data folder from the Agent      
    And engage Dell EMC DPA Technical Support to investigate deeper.   
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.