Avamar - How to restart AVE in single user mode to reset root password


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- SSH to the AVE is not possible due to lost OS passwords.   
    - In ADS systems, we use to send a CE onsite to reboot the system in rescue mode (KB 335035 for Gen4S and KB 503603 for Gen4T). However, this is an AVE and there is no physical hardware.   
    - Try to confirm in Avalanche or with the customer when the latest validated checkpoint was taken. A reboot will be required and the GSAN might be uncleanly shutdown while rebooting so we had better ensure that a recent validated checkpoint is performed since we might need to rollback.         
After that, please connect to the vCenter and open a VM console to the AVE : VM > Power options > Restart as a guest.           
While rebooting, please hit "ESC" button in order to jump into the boot loader as we would need to boot the system as single user mode.         
As soon as you are in the boot loader, please type: init=/bin/sh on the Boot Options and press Return         
          User-added image         
          - The system will reboot and you will get the prompt in order to change the admin / root password:               
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                - Afterwards, you will be able to 
open a putty session to the AVE using the new admin / root passwords.