Avamar Proxy deployment failing from the PDM due to incorrect Rule Settings


   Article Number:     539687                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 









 Avamar Proxy deployment fails in Proxy Deployment Manager (PDM) due to incorrect Rule Settings.                                                            






The Hostname of the Proxy was a part of the rule which was created.                                                            






Exclude the proxy hostname from the rule created.    

      * Under the rules, change the existing rule settings of the VM Name from "contains"  VM name to " does not contain" the FQDN hostname of the proxy"   

    * Add another rule setting for the VM Name such that the required VMs are added to the Avamar and not all the VMs    
    Make changes to the rules definition and change the filter to all such that both the constraints of the rules are active.    
    Proxy deployment failing from the Proxy deployment manager   
    Re-deploy the proxy and the proxy deployment should complete successfully.