H18187-DellEMC ECS Execution Summary of Cloudera Quality Assurance Test Suite on Hortonworks Data Platform(HDP)

This document is intended to provide the details of the Functional Testing of HDP with DellEMC’s ECS through s3 protocol as SecondaryFileSystem and provide the observations to the DellEMC and Cloudera Field & Sales teams that could be used as caveats and guardrails when engaging with customers wanting to use DellEMC ECS (s3) as SecondaryFilesystem (Storage) and HDFS as PrimaryFilesystem (Compute).

“QATS Appliance” (Quality Assurance Test Suite) from Cloudera was used for testing and certifying the functionality and operationality of the latest HDP (3.1.4) distribution with DellEMC ECS (Object Version