How to increase the SavVol capacity reserved on Celerra







How to increase the SavVol capacity reserved on Celerra




The Celerra system allows SavVols to be created and extended until the sum of the space consumed by all SavVols on the system exceeds 20% (default) of the total space available on the system.


This calculation includes SavVols used by SnapSure and other applications, such as the Celerra Replicator. Before using SnapSure, ensure that your system has enough space for the SavVols for each PFS for which you plan to create checkpoints.


If the 20% value is reached, the following message appears in the command output, and also in the /nas/log/cmd_log.err and /nas/log/ files:


Error 2238: Disk space: quota exceeded

NASDB:6:101 CKPT volume allocation quota exceeded


Use this procedure to change the percentage of system space allotted to SavVols.


  1. Log in to the Control Station.
  2. Open the /nas/site/nas_param file with a text editor.
  3. Locate this SnapSure configuration entry in the file:


    10 = Control Station event polling interval rate (in seconds)
    100 = Maximum rate to which a file system is written (in MB/second)
    20 = Percent of the entire system’s volumes allotted to the creation and extension of all the SavVols used by Celerra software feature. If you are still receiving quota exceeded try increasing this value by 10.

    Note: If this entry does not exist, it means the SavVol-space-allottment parameter is currently set to its default value (20), which means 20 percent of the system space can be used for SavVols. To change this setting, you must first add the entry: ckpt:10:100:20:

  4. As needed, change the third parameter (percent of entire system’s volume allotted to SavVols). Values are 20 (default) through 99.

    Note: To ensure proper SnapSure functionality, do not use a value less than 20 percent for the third value. Do not change the Control Station event polling interval rate (default =10), or the maximum rate to which a file system is written (default =100). Doing so will have a negative impact on system performance. Do not change any other lines in this file without a thorough knowledge of the potential effects on the system.
  5. Save and close the file.

    Note: Changing this value does not require a Data Mover or Control Station reboot.