ECS Accidental deletion of data


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ECS Appliance,Elastic Cloud Storage






      Data accidentally deleted on ECS   

  •         By default all data mapped for deletion on ECS is move to  Space Reclamation (SR) process. If either data or metadata has been removed by SR then then this is permanent and will not be recoverable.     
  •         Note SR is a global process so deletions processed on one Virtual Data Center (VDC) will be processed on all VDC's concurrently.     
  •         For recovery of data, SR process needs to be turned off preventing space from valid deletes being returned, so be aware of having  to plan the additional capacity for the duration of the recovery especially if approaching capacity limits.     
  •         Additional scripts / rpm package installs, additional firewall ports needing to be open between VDCs as well as memory increases for dtquery service may be required. This will be flagged by support as needed.     
  •         If the data deletion is due to a defect in application code it is important to correct the application logic first otherwise recovery will go into a loop and be extended unnecessarily.     
  •         Only objects will be recovered not the associated “user metadata” (UMD) which will need to be created again while re-uploading to buckets.     
    If data has been erroneously deleted from a system please open an SR with ECS support for investigation with the following information   
  1.         Provide a list of the files/objectNames deleted for each bucket and namespace with seperate list for each bucket. In the case of CAS data a list of clips would be required for each affected bucket.     
  3.         Recovery for Objects which are encrypted may not be successful , this will require extra checks.      
  5.         Date and provide as accurately as possible the times deletes were carried out     
  7.         Application logs from deletion time     
  9.         Details of any lifecycle policy that may be configured.     
  11.         If possible provide credentials of S3 credentials (secret) or pea file for CAS     
  13.         If recovery attempts from other sources outside of ECS are not possible     
    Dell ECS support will work as best effort to recover affected files. However please note all data may not be recoverable depending on when deletions were made and how long space reclamation process was running after the initiation of the deletion. Furthermore ETA's for recovery of data can vary so recovery can take an extended period of time.