ECS: Troubleshooting S3 Read/Write/Delete issues


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When attempting to Write,Read or Delete an S3 object, the application is displaying an HTTP status Error code.   
    Error codes can also be visible from the ECS GUI portal under Requests as shown in the Screenshot below we can see that we are having 0.00% of System Failures and 0.01% of user failures under Requests.   
    User-added image   












From the GUI, we can see more information regarding what Error Codes were captured, by clicking on the Requests or from the left menu select : Monitor > Transactions.   
    More detailed page should be displayed as in the screenshot below.   
    User-added image   
    System Failures: Generally caused due to a problem occurring on the ECS side, there are alot of problems that can cause System Failures to appear some examples would be:   

  •         Timeout while writing big S3 objects to the ECS ( as per the S3 Best Practices, it is recommended to use MPU Multi-part upload instead of uploading large S3 object). refer to KB: ECS: Writing large files failing with 500 errors for S3 Protocol.     
  •         ECS capacity has reached the Threshold of 90%.     
  •         One or more services are restarting.     
    User Failures: Generally caused due to a problem in addressing the S3 Bucket/Object, some of these issues are :       
    Please refer to the below KB articles that can help fixing the issue with the User Failures:   
    S3 Error Codes and their possible causes : ECS: S3 error codes with possible causes   
    How to setup the S3curl and test the S3 operations using S3curl for ECS 3.x: ECS: How to perform basic s3 operations on ECS 3.x using the script.   
    How to use s3curl to perform MPU (Mutli-part Upload): ECS: How to use s3curl perform MPU(Multi-part upload)   






If the issue still persist please open an SR with ECS Support team referencing the KB article number: 538960