Data Protection Advisor (DPA): Agent logs error opening the required pstore or cannot open pstore


   Article Number:     538477                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





The following errors are logged by the agent during data collection or during startup:   
    ERR     32432.44128    20191026:105133         clctr.module - aapiRunRequest(): Unable to run request networker:status as there was an error opening the required pstore D:\Program Files\agent\data\networker_status_NWservername_NetWorker.db.       
        ERR     46268.18960    20191026:110342 common.localdb.sqlit - csqlRollbackTransaction(): Attempt to rollback without an active transaction       
        ERR     46268.18960    20191026:110342  com.mod.agentconfig - loadAgentRegisteredConfig(): Error loading agent registered config: cannot open pstore: D:\Program Files\agent\data\agent_config.db       
        ERR     46268.18960    20191026:110343 common.localdb.pstor - pstoreOpen(): Failed to begin transaction       
        ERR     46268.18960    20191026:110343  com.mod.agentconfig - loadAgentRegistrationCredentials(): Error loading agent registration credentials: cannot open pstore: D:\Program Files\agent\data\agent_config.db






McAfee anti-virus product was installed on the agent host and actively scanning the DPA Agent folder.                                                           






Configure exclusion within McAfee software to not actively scan the DPA Agent folder.  Below is the default install directory on Windows for the DPA Agent:   
    <Install directory>\emc\dpa\agent