Data Domain: DD3300 Disk Capacity Expansion Failure when Upgrading from 16TB to 32TB due to Broken API in certain DDOS code


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On DD3300s only, after the installation of the two additional memory modules, A7 and A8, two additional disks (to slots 10 and 11) and the 4 mid tray drives, disk expansion fails with the error "**** Cannot expand: unable to add disks."   








      The capacity expansion API changed across DDOS releases, and this made the capacity expansion not work with the error shown. DDOS versions and are the ones affected.     
      Below we show an example DD3300 system in which an attempt is made to expand the capacity, and it fails due to the issue. The DD3300 disks are initially such as in the output below:   

Disk Show Hardware detailed---------------------------Disk   Slot        Manufacturer/Model         Firmware   Serial No.                           Capacity   Type       (pci/idx)----   ---------   ------------------------   --------   --------------------------------   ----------   -------dev1   160:0       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c2987c60efb3ae44562b1c2c3381   250.00 GiB   SASdev2   160:1       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c2981f3309738dddfd89625012d3    10.00 GiB   SAS-SSDdev3   160:3       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c29b654cbd8ea321d0ba45785061     1.07 TiB   SASdev4   160:4       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c29b81e836b8525696d4cdc03724     1.07 TiB   SASdev5   256:1       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c29f03815582ca38d32c200e7280     4.27 TiB   SASdev6   256:2       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c299c1ed47be46340aa91c7b799e     4.27 TiB   SASdev7   256:3       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c291926adaebdb82c8d0702320e9     4.27 TiB   SASdev8   256:4       VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c29ba992b9f0fcb606274c4fd390     4.27 TiB   SASdev9   1216:8      VMware  Virtual_disk       n/a        6000c2957c8ebdeec6667e411bf549e2   160.00 GiB   SAS-SSD----   ---------   ------------------------   --------   --------------------------------   ----------   -------Configuration: 9 drives present.Physical Hardware    

      After adding the necessary hardware for the expansion, disk storage is shown as below:   

Disk   Slot        Manufacturer/Model   Firmware   Serial No.       Capacity   Type       State       (pci/idx)----   ---------   ------------------   --------   ------------   ----------   --------   ---------1.1    0           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JG2GJT         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.2    1           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JJSWUT         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.3    2           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JKDMRT         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.4    3           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JJUYYT         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.5    4           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JK8YTT         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.6    5           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JKE47T         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.7    6           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JK6GST         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.8    7           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JKD3ZT         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.9    8           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JK9M5T         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.10   9           HUS726040ALS210      KU27       K7JJUGST         3.64 TiB   SAS        In Use1.11   10          ST4000NM0295         DT31       ZC19530L         3.64 TiB   SAS        Available1.12   11          ST4000NM0295         DT31       ZC193TFD         3.64 TiB   SAS        Available1.13   12          THNSF8480CCSE        DACB       Y8AS10DUTCUQ   447.13 GiB   SATA-SSD   Non-RAID1.14   13          (absent)             (absent)   (absent)         (absent)   (absent)   Absent1.15   14          ST4000NM0295         DT31       ZC1BDBGW         3.64 TiB   SAS        Available1.16   15          ST4000NM0295         DT31       ZC1BDB8C         3.64 TiB   SAS        Available1.17   16          ST4000NM0295         DT31       ZC1BDBG3         3.64 TiB   SAS        Available1.18   17          ST4000NM0295         DT31       ZC1AWPMC         3.64 TiB   SAS        Available----   ---------   ------------------   --------   ------------   ----------   --------   ---------Configuration: 17 drives present.    

      When the expansion command is attempted, the process fails:   

sysadmin@bddn-chs-01-s01# system capacity expand 32TiBThis command may take up to 10 minutes to complete.** File access is interrupted during the capacity expansionand the system reboots automatically. Do not run any systemoperations until the system reboots.Do you want to continue? (yes|no) [no]: yes**** Cannot expand: unable to add disks.    






The only way around this problem is to upgrade the DDOS to a release which has the issue fixed:   

  •         DDOS and later releases have the fix     
  •         DDOS and later releases have the fix     
    After booting up in the new, fixed release, the expansion command will work as expected.   









      "Data Domain DD3300 Field Replacement and Upgrade Guide", Chapter 18: Upgrade a 16 TB Configuration to 32 TB