ECS: EX300: After upgrade to Dell OS switch version and / or ECS 3.4 or higher ECS xdoctor reports "Detected VLT port channel down on switch"


   Article Number:     538970                                   Article Version: 7     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ECS Appliance Hardware Gen3 EX300





After upgrade to ECS 3.4 or higher on an EX300 model of ECS xdoctor reports "Detected VLT port channel down on switch".   
    xDoctor Reports:   

Timestamp    = 2019-11-21_015457    Category = Environment    Source   = Switch    Severity = WARNING    Node     =    Message  = RAP092 - Detected VLT port channel down on switch. (RAP already reported)    Extra    = {'hare': {'port_channels': {'1': {'units': ['2']}, '3': {'units': ['1']}, '2': {'units': ['1']}, '5': {'units': ['1']}, '4': {'units': ['1']}, '7': {'units': ['1']}, '6': {'units': ['1']}}}, 'rabbit': {'port_channels': {'1': {'units': ['2']}, '3': {'units': ['1']}, '2': {'units': ['1']}, '5': {'units': ['1']}, '4': {'units': ['1']}, '7': {'units': ['1']}, '6': {'units': ['1']}}}}    
    Note: If you are on a version below Dell OS switch version and / or ECS 3.4 this KB does not apply and the issue is detailed in the following KB ECS: xDoctor: RAP092: EX300: EX500: EX3000 slave-X or pslave-X is not communicating with Rabbit switch after reboot                                                           






A switch configuration is missing on one or all ECS switches after a switch upgrade was done during the ECS 3.4 cluster upgrade.   






This only impacts EX300 on 3.4 ECS as they use a different network card than the EX500 and EX3000 series.                                                           






Please contact ECS support to check and resolve this issue mentioning this KB.