XtremIO: XMS fails to generate SNMP traps


   Article Number:     538268                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




XtremIO X2





When SNMP-Version v1 is used, the XMS can fail to generate SNMP traps.   






This issue has been reported on XMS 6.2.2-3.   
    Only snmp v1 is affected.   
    Internally, an IP address is treated as a wrong data type for snmp v1 and it is causing the failure.   






    Modify the snmp-notifier to version v2c and verify that it works with the send-snmp-notification command.   
    Fix will be implemented in a future release,   
    but as of Nov 2019, release date and version has not been decided yet.   






There would be NO indication of the failure for users - merely SNMP Traps will not be received. But the array internal logs should show an indication of this failure.   
    If verification from Global Support is required please collect a cluster log-bundle and engage as follows: XtremIO: How to collect XtremIO log bundle for analysis by EMC Global Technical Support   
    If any other assistance (e.g. How to change/verify settings) is required please engage support as well.