Unable to install new ODM Definitions


   Article Number:     538679                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 









Install of new fileset EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.MPIO.rte is failing.   
    MC.Symmetrix.fcp.rte and EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.MPIO.rte *   
    * can't be installed at the same time *   
    * *   
    * Installation Defaulting to only installing *   
    * EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.rte fileset! *   
    instal: Failed while executing the EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.MPIO.rte.config script.   
    0503-464 installp: The installation has FAILED for the "usr" part   
    of the following filesets:   
    installp: Cleaning up software for:   
    Finished processing all filesets. (Total time: 4 secs).






There are still residual ODM items that have not been removed.                                                           






The following procedure will allow the customer to uninstall any remnants of the old ODM definitions and install the new correct ODM definitions   
    According to the error message, the reason should be the system still has residual fcp ODM items.   
    (WARNING: The following command will modify the system ODM database directly. Mishandling may cause the system crash. Please do exactly as below or backup system/ODM first.   
    1. Check if there’re residual items by command:   
    odmget -q "uniquetype LIKE disk/fcp/SYMM*" PdAt   
    If there are outputs, that confirms system has residual ODM items.   
    Please continue with the procedure.    
    If there is no output,collect new emcgrab for further troubleshooting.   
    2. If confirm the system has residual ODM items, clean up by:   
    odmdelete -o PdAt -q "uniquetype LIKE disk/fcp/SYMM*"   
    odmdelete -o PdDv -q "uniquetype LIKE disk/fcp/SYMM*"   
    3. reinstall EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.MPIO.rte fileset