Data Domain: The storage processor has failed - Coin cell battery failed


   Article Number:     538631                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Data Domain system posts an Alert notification to indicate the Storage Processor (SP) has failed.   
    "Additional Information" within the Posted alert states the cause is a failed coin cell battery.   
    Note: This article is specifically for the failed coin cell battery - other symptoms/failures for the same Event ID (ENVIRONMENT-00032)  are not addressed here.   
    Affected Systems:   

  •         All Data Domain Systems     
  •         All DD OS versions     
  •         Alert Notification:     
Event Id:       EVT-ENVIRONMENT-00032Event Message:  The storage processor has failedObject:         Enclosure=1Additional Information: Cause=Coin cell battery failed      
  •         BIOS log (within latest AutoSupport)     
      Example: Coincell entry shows <= 2.2v (on legacy DD systems)   
Voltage CoinCell_Voltage | Lower Critical going low  | Asserted | Reading 2.20 < Threshold 2.20 Volts      
  •         MESSAGES (within latest AutoSupport)     
      Multiple entries for SP failure, as below:   
platmon: CRITICAL: The storage processor has failed. Enclosure=1 Cause="Coin cell battery failed"     
              Filesystem is UP.         
               Unexpected system behavior may be encountered until remedial action is taken.       






If the battery voltage drops below threshold then the Alert (EVT-ENVIRONMENT-00032) will be posted.   
    The System Battery (a.k.a Coin cell / CMOS / RTC) has a minimum voltage threshold to function as expected.   
    Any reading below the given threshold is considered a battery failure & it should be replaced immediately.   
    For legacy (EMC) Data Domain systems:   

      The voltage must be > 2.2v   
    For PowerProtect DD systems:   
      The voltage must be > 3v   






For ALL Legacy (EMC) Data Domain systems:   

  •         Dell | EMC do not stock system battery     
  •         A replacement SP will need to be dispatched     
    For Current PowerProtect DD systems:   
  •         PowerProtect DD3300 / DD6900 / DD9400 & DD9900     
  •         A replacement system battery will be dispatched.     
    Please contact your contracted Support Provider or raise a new Service Request at