DPA Deployment failed at 71


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Integrated Data Protection Appliance Family,Integrated Data Protection Appliance SW,Integrated Data Protection Appliance Software 2.3





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    Below are the server.log which shows the errors after the deployment fails at 71%       
        2019-09-19 13:14:56,045 INFO  [Thread-14645]-util.SSHUtil:STDERR   : []       
        2019-09-19 13:14:56,045 ERROR [Thread-14645]-util.SSHUtil: Failed to executed remote command using SSH.       
        2019-09-19 13:14:56,045 INFO  [Thread-14645]-dpaadapter.DPAUtil: Failed to execute: snmp add rw-community public hosts <HOST_NAME>       
        2019-09-19 13:14:56,045 ERROR [Thread-14645]-dpaadapter.IntegrateDPATask: Exception occured while adding DD to DPA com.emc.vcedpa.common.exception.ApplianceException: Failed to add DPA agent.       
        2019-09-19 13:14:56,045 ERROR [Thread-14645]-dpaadapter.IntegrateDPATask: ApplianceException occured while integrating point products to DPA com.emc.vcedpa.common.exception.ApplianceException: Failed to add DPA agent.       
        Issue is with the SNMP communities while integrating DD with the DPA

The SNMP communities gets registered during DD deployment which throws the errors.       
        For example when we run 
    sysadmin@cgfnstpr2-ps1# snmp show rw-communities   
    Read-write Communities:   
    Community   Hosts   
    ---------   ------------------------   
    public      <HOST_NAME>   
    ---------   ------------------------       
        We can see the HOST NAME.
    The deployment fails because the configuration that was trying to set was already configured, as the host name was already present.   







      After the Failed deployment Go to the DD putty and run the following commands.1. snmp disable2. snmp enable3. Then try to manually delete snmp communitysnmp show rw-communitiessnmp del rw-community public hosts <HOST_NAME>4. before running the configuration, make sure that snmp show rw-communities does NOT show the <HOST_NAME>     
      If you face error while manually trying to add or delete the snmp community , Please involve Data Domain support for assistance.    
      And then redeploy the DPA from ACM it should be successful after the changes made