DPA : DPA Job Monitor requests are not gathering data from NetWorker server even though data collection status is showing success.


   Article Number:     537447                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor Family





DPA data collection of Job monitor request for NetWorker server fails to gather data even when the data collection status is showing success.   
    The NetWorker is of version 7.6 and it is getting monitored through proxy agent.   
    Below is a screenshot of Job monitor request of net worker server :-   
    User-added image   
    Mod test of Job monitor request shows :-   
    DBG2 22604.22604 20190717:141744 agent.mod.nsr - nsrParseMmInfo(): parsing 62764:nsrmmdbd: access denied to media database, `root' on dpa agent host must have 'Operate Devices and Jukeboxes' or 'View Application Settings' or 'Monitor NetWorker' privilege






    DPA agent does not have privilege to gather data from Net worker host.






For monitoring NetWorker v 7.6 or later versions remotely, the DPA user and the proxy host must be added to the Users list of the NetWorker Administrators User Group.                                                           






For further information please refer to DPA admin & installation guide.