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Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) with sub-LUN automated tiering was released in 2010 on CLARiiON CX4 series and Celerra family platforms (block only).


With the release of the VNX unified storage platform, FAST was extended to support sub-LUN automated tiering for file systems and renamed to FAST VP.


FAST VP offers the following cost and performance benefits to customers:

  • Customers can set policies to automatically tier data based on I/Os, avoiding the pre-provisioning tasks of determining on which tiers to assign data.
  • Customers can choose to have data placed on the highest or lowest available tier, ensuring that performance and cost commitments are met.
  • Customers can define data movement schedules to minimize FAST management responsibilities.
  • FAST can run on two or more drive types, optimizing an investment in Flash, SAS (performance), and/or NL-SAS (capacity) drives.


With granular tiering, FAST VP makes it possible to reduce storage acquisition costs while at the same time improving performance and response time. Because FAST VP is fully automated and policy driven, there is no manual intervention required to make this happen, so you save on operating costs as well. 


FAST VP is ideal if you have a mixed workload of applications and don’t have time or resources to manually analyze and tier each application.


FAST Cache

In simple terms FAST Cache can be described as a  large secondary cache using Enterprise Flash Drives (EFDs).


FAST Cache software enables customers to add various Flash drive capacities in order to extend existing cache capacity for better system-wide performance.

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