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Unisphere is a new management interface that provides a flexible, integrated experience for managing existing CLARiiON and Celerra storage systems. Designed for simplicity and automation, Unisphere features intuitive task-based controls, customizable dashboards, and single-click access to real-time support tools and online customer communities.


New Unisphere features available on CLARiiON and Celerra include:


  • Task-based navigation and controls - an intuitive, context-based approach to configuring storage, creating replicas, monitoring the environment, managing host connections, and accessing the Unisphere support ecosystem.


  • Self-service Unisphere support ecosystem - accessible with one-click from Unisphere, providing you with quick access to real-time support tools, including live chat support, software downloads, product documentation, best practices, FAQs, online customer communities, spares ordering, and service request submittals.


  • Customizable dashboard views and reporting - enabling at-a-glance management by automatically presenting you with valuable information in the context of how you manage storage.


  • Common management - provides single sign-on and integrated experience for managing CLARiiON and Celerra platforms.


  • Flexible design - allows additional frameworks and element managers (such as replication and backup) to be plugged in, giving you seamless access to key storage functionality across the EMC portfolio. With RecoverPoint/SE 3.3 SP1 integration support for Unisphere, you can manage RecoverPoint/SE replication from the same management console used to provision your CLARiiON and Celerra storage.
Have you just heard about Unisphere and want to see a short introductory video? Click here.


Unisphere Client

The Unisphere 1.0 Unisphere Client is a complete standalone version of  the Unisphere 1.0 UI applet. The Unisphere Client can be installed on to  a supported Windows systems and used to manage any CLARiiON system  running Flare 19 or above and any Celerra system running DART 6.0. It is  not necessary to upgrade the version of Flare on your CLARiiON system  to use the Unisphere 1.0 Unisphere Client. The Unisphere Client  eliminates the need to download the UI applet which can dramatically  speed start up over slow or distant network connections. When used in  combination with the ability to stop serving the UI applet from the  Storage Processors restrict management IP addresses the Unisphere Client  can be used to restrict users to specific Windows platforms for added  security. Download here(Powerlink login required)


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