VIPR Controller : vBlock Compute Systems discovery is failing.


   Article Number:     537663                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller Controller 3.6,ViPR Controller Controller 3.5





vBlock Compute Systems discovery is failing.   
    Error in ViPR-C UI  & controllersvc-discovery log :   
    vipr1 vipr1 controllersvc-discovery 2019-09-25 10:56:26,056 [1288|host|CS_Discovery|null|0cd50be0-8e6a-4c3c-8ba1-757a3c0dd2c1] ERROR (line 97) CS_Discovery job failed for urn:storageos:Host:02879dbd-27a7-475b-b609-bec5f1fd3fc3:vdc1--->      
      com.emc.storageos.computesystemcontroller.exceptions.ComputeSystemControllerException: Failed to discover system urn:storageos:Host:02879dbd-27a7-475b-b609-bec5f1fd3fc3:vdc1: Errors detected while matching hosts to blades. Please correct or contact customer support. UCS Service Profiles found having the same UUID '' (urn:storageos:UCSServiceProfile:ef86ae41-685d-4ae5-a5fc-45729597e9e0:vdc1) [000025b5-0019-0000-0000-00000000003b] and '' (urn:storageos:UCSServiceProfile:fa21b671-4414-4136-9921-7de68bd378df:vdc1) [000025b5-0019-0000-0000-00000000003b]






Previous orders to create the UCS (Unified Computing System) host using the "Add Host To Cluster" service catalog  (VCE Vblock Systems) have been partially successful.   
    This resulted in duplicate UCSServiceProfiles being created in the ViPR Controller database.






Previous Orders to create UCS hosts have have only partially succeeded.   
    Note : ViPR Controller  database entries for the host have been created but the host may or may not exist in vCenter.






A solution exists for this issue, but intervention from Dell-EMC technical support personnel is required.   
    Support personnel must access your storage system to fix this issue.   
    Contact the Dell-EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative for technical assistance and quote this article ID.   
    Include a screenshot of the error, the slither output for the ViPR database and the logs covering the time frame of the discovery when you contact EMC for technical assistance