ViPR Controller : How to change the Compute Elements Assignment in a Compute Virtual Pool


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ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP2,ViPR Controller





The user is adding new blades to UCS and wants to configure the CVP to only use those new blades for new host deployments.   
    If hosts are already deployed using a Compute Virtual Pool (CVP), the Compute Elements Assignment value (Automatic/Manual) cannot then be changed via the ViPR Controller UI.    
    1. Find the URN ID of the ComputeVirtualPool to be modified.   

      /opt/storageos/bin/dbutils list ComputeVirtualPool | grep "id:\|label\|useMatchedElements"   
    2.Export the CVP to an XML and take a backup of the file.   
      /opt/storageos/bin/dbcli dump -i [URN of ComputeVirtualPool] -f /tmp/cvp.xml ComputeVirtualPool   
    3. Take a backup of the XML file   
      cp /tmp/cvp.xml /tmp/cvp_backup.xml   
    4.Modify the XML file to set the following parameter :   
      "useMatchedElements = false"    
    5. Load the new configuration into the ViPR Controller dabatase.   
      /opt/storageos/bin/dbcli load -f /tmp/cvp.xml   
    6. Test the Compute Virtual Pool in the VIPR UI to verify if the Compute Elements Assignment option can be changed to manual.