VPLEX: WAN-COM performance issue on VS6 Metro running GeoSynchrony 6.1.x


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Dell EMC VPLEX Hardware Impacted:   
    EMC Hardware: VPLEX VS6   
    EMC Hardware: VPLEX VS6 AFA   
    EMC Hardware: VPLEX-Metro   
    Dell EMC VPLEX GeoSynchrony versions impacted:   
    EMC Software: GeoSynchrony 6.1   
    EMC Software: GeoSynchrony 6.1 Patch 1   
    EMC Software: GeoSynchrony 6.1 Patch 2   
    We have identified a potential WAN-COM latency performance issue on the VS6 Metro configurations for both FC and IP, and any engine type, Single, Dual or Quad. This issue has been noted at several end user sites running GeoSynchrony 6.1.x . This has mostly been noted during high volume activity, like backups.   
    VS6 Local configurations and VS2s Local and Metro, FC and IP, are not impacted by this issue, except where stated in the list below.   
    For any end user considering an upgrade of their VS6 Metro FC or IP configuration, or a VS6 Local running on 6.1.x looking to be converted to a Metro or for a GenU, it is recommended that you go to the latest code release GeoSynchrony 6.2. If you have a policy in place that you do not upgrade to the latest code version or have a reason to only go to 6.1 P2 the following actions are in affect:   

  •         If an end user with a VS6 Metro-FC or IP configuration is running on any pre-6.1.x code version they can only upgrade to 6.0 SP1 P7, no higher.     
  •         If an end user with a VS6 Metro-FC or IP is looking to upgrade from any pre-6.1.x code version to any 6.1.x version, and are not already at 6.0 SP1 P7, they may only be approved to upgrade to 6.0 SP1 P7.     
  •         If an end user with a VS6 Metro-FC or IP is already running on a 6.1.x version and are looking to go to a higher 6.1.x version, they may be approved for the 6.1.x family upgrade.     
  •         This applies to any GenUs as well, do not upgrade the VS2 and VS6 above 6.0 SP1 P7 at the present time. Today new VS6s are shipping with 6.0 SP1 P7.     
  •         This also applies to any new VS6 Metro installation/implementation, which cannot be upgraded or implemented above the shipped version of 6.0 SP1 P7.     
  •         If the VS2 Metro and new VS6 Metro had already been upgraded to a version of 6.1.x before this current issue in this article was known, the GenU cannot proceed at this time and we cannot downgrade either VPLEX back to 6.0 SP1 P7.      
  •         If you have a VS6 Local and are thinking of making it a Metro and the VS6 Local is running a 6.1.x code version the Local to Metro Conversion will not be permitted at this time.     
  •         This issue does not impact VS2 Local/Metro or the VS6 Local (see bullet above) configurations.     
           See chart in the Notes section below.   
    For any customer/account team inquiries and/or concerns please direct these to the SPM, Julia Miragliuolo.                                                           






The issue has been noted during high volume activity, like backups, yet the cause of this issue is actively being investigation.   







      Permanent Fix:     
      This issue has been fixed in GeoSynchrony 6.2.     
      It is recommended that you upgrade to 6.2 versus 6.1P2. See the Issues section above for details.     
      If you are running on 6.1.x and notice any latency with your WAN-COM where there is any impact, please contact Dell EMC Customer Support and let them know of the issue and impact, and please provide logs for review. We are investigating the issue trying to understand it and determine how to provide a resolution.     
      Reference KBA 323253, “VPLEX: How to collect logs from a VPLEX Instance?”   







VS6 Restrictions for NDU, GenU and Local to Metro   
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