The setting change persists across reboots w/o "rpowermt save" in PowerPath/VE


   Article Number:     530022                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




PowerPath/VE for VMware






      There is no "save" option for the rpowermt command.     
      C:\Users\miyajh>rpowermt version         
          EMC rpowermt for PowerPath (c) client Version 6.3 (build 105)         
          License search path: C:\Users\miyajh\Documents\EMC\PowerPath\rpowermt;C:\ProgramData\EMC\PowerPath\rpowermt         
          Host file: C:\Users\miyajh\Documents\EMC\PowerPath\rpowermt\lockbox.clb         
          C:\Users\miyajh>rpowermt save         
          ERROR: Invalid option "save" - cannot resolve








      You can't use the local ESXi shell commands for persistence.   








      PowerPath setting change will be automatically saved after running rpowermt set and persistent across reboots.