Does DPA support VNX and VMAX for capacity reporting?


   Article Number:     537031                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor






      For VNX:   


      VNX is not listed in the Data Protection Advisor (DPA) 18.x Compatibility Guide and Data Collection Reference Guide.  However, it can be discovered in DPA 18.2.   


      For VMAX:   


      The DPA 6.5 Compatibility Guide showed we could discovered VMAX for Recoverability Analysis (RA). In 18.2 Compatibility Guide, it shows with ProtectPoint/SE 8, VMAX3 can be discovered.   







DPA no longer supports discovering VNX and VMAX as of 18.1.                                                             






Although some functionality remains in DPA for VNX and VMAX (mainly due to previous customers that used them in DPA versions prior to 18.x), please be advised it is no longer supported discovering them in DPA 18.x.    For more information please contact Dell EMC Technical Support.