DPA: Data Domain File Distribution By Count Per MTree report not populated.


   Article Number:     532147                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor Family,Data Protection Advisor





In order to get the output in Data Domain File Distribution by Count Per Mtree report, we need to ensure that DD Analysis request needs to be added to the data collection requests for data domains. We also need to ensure that analysis request should get "success".    
     However still we may come across situations where the report may not contain any data and report output can be shown as "No results found".






The below instances can be one of the reason of such issue:   
    User with limited privileges on that affected Data Domain can make the report empty.    
    We need to always ensure that user must be having the administrator privilege on the Data domain so that report populates with required data.   






You need to open the the affected Data Domain administration console.    
    1.Go to the path Administration >> Access >> Local Users.   
    2. Select the user that is used to login into DPA UI.   
    3. Click on Modify and a pop shows as modify user.   
    4. Under Manage role change the user to Admin instead of limited Admin privileges or any other privileges.   
    Need to make sure that user should have ADMIN privileges on Data Domain to get desired data in Data Domain File Distribution by Count Per Mtree report.    
    Post performing the above steps, need to run the report to see if that populates with data in the report.   






 In case of any issues as mentioned above and any assistance, please feel free to contact DELL EMC Support Team.