Data Protection Advisor (DPA): After upgrade, the Application services fail to start


   Article Number:     537972                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor Family





After completing a successful upgrade from DPA, the services on the Application Server fail to start   
    No errors where returned during the upgrade on the Application or Datastore Servers   
    As per install logs from Application and Datastore Servers the upgrade process completed successfully   
    The command ‘dpa app version’ on Application Server and ‘dpa ds version’ on the Datastore Server confirm that the 19.1 binaries are installed   
    From server logs after the upgrade was completed the following error is visible:   
    2019-10-15 14:37:04.793 EDT [73522] FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "apollouser"






During the upgrade the Datastore password was changed but the Application Server was not updated with the new password which prevented the Application services from starting.   






To resolve this issue the new Datastore password can be set on the Application Server with the following command:       
        dpa dpa dspassword       
        After the password has been set the Application services will need to be restarted.       
        Note this information is outlined in the technical documentation ‘Installation and Administration Guide’
    If the new Datastore password is not known then the following procedure can be used to resolve the issue:   

  •         From the Datastore Server run the command ‘dpa ds dspassword’     
  •         Restart services on DS server     
  •         From the Application Server run the command ‘ dpa dspassword’     
  •         Start App services      
    Once the correct Datastore password has been set the Application services should successfully start and the DPA GUI should be accessible.   
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information