Data Protection Advisor (DPA): Data Domain File Distribution By Count Per MTree report is blank


   Article Number:     532067                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor Family,Data Protection Advisor





The System Report Template known as Data Domain File Distribution by Count Per Mtree does not populate and returns a "No results found" message.                                                           






The Data Domain File Distribution by Count Per Mtree is populated by the Data Domain Analysis request therefor this request must be configured and completing successfully.  Additionally the Data Domain Analysis request requires the Credentials to be configured with a Data Domain user account which has the admin Management Role within the Data Domain.                                                           






If the Data Domain user configured in the Credentials does not have the admin Management Role within the Data Domain the user can be updated to include the role in the following fashion:   
    1. Log into the Data Domain System Manager GUI using an account which has the admin Management Role.   
    2. Click Administration tab on the left side of the screen.   
    3. Click on the Local Users tab at the top of the screen.   
    4. Select the user which has been configured for the DPA Credentials.   
    5. Click on Modify.   
    6. Within the popup change the Management Role to admin.   
    7. Click OK.   
    8. Log out of the Data Domain System Manager GUI.    
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.