Deployment KB: How to deploy the VPLEX Witness in a VPLEX / VE 2.1 SP1 Cluster.


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VPLEX Series,VPLEX Virtual Edition,VMware ESXi





Deploy the VPLEX Witness in a VPLEX Cluster so, in case of an outage, or failure, the VPLEX Cluster will resume or suspend I/O on the affected links.   

      The VPLEX Witness is a VM which will be connected to the Mgmt IPs of both VPLEXs.     
      To deploy a VPLEX Witness:   

  1.         Prepare VPLEX / Virtual Edition (VE) sites.     
  3.         Deploy Witness on VMware ESXi host.     
  5.         Configure the VPN between the Witness and both VPLEX / VE sites.     
  7.         Configure and enable the VPLEX Witness on the VPLEX / VE sites.