VPLEX: show-use-hierarchy cli command error: No device with the name <device name>


   Article Number:     533945                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VPLEX GeoSynchrony 5.5 Service Pack 2 Patch 1,VPLEX GeoSynchrony 5.5 Service Pack 2 Patch 2,VPLEX GeoSynchrony 5.5 Service Pack 2 Patch 3,VPLEX GeoSynchrony 5.5 Service Pack 2 Patch 4,VPLEX GeoSynchrony 5.5 Service Pack 2 Patch 5





The "show-use-hierarchy" command is failing to get the details of a device after a leg is re-attached with the same name.   
    After Re-attaching a same mirror leg the "show-use-hierarchy" command is failing with the error "No device with the name <device name>".   
    Example of this error:   
    VPlexcli:/> show-use-hierarchy distributed-storage/distributed-devices/device_EAST_UNITY_NONPROD_255   
    show-use-hierarchy:  Evaluation of <<show-use-hierarchy distributed-storage/distributed-devices/device_EAST_UNITY_NONPROD_255>> failed.     
      cause:               Cannot get value of attribute 'used-by'.     
      cause:               Firmware command error.     
      cause:               No device with the name <device name>.






1.List the device reporting error and check if it is healthy.   

      VPlexcli:/> ll /distributed-storage/distributed-devices/device_EAST_UNITY_NONPROD_255     
        Name                    Value       
        ----------------------  ---------------------------------       
        application-consistent  false       
        auto-resume             true       
        block-count             1342177280       
        block-size              4K       
        capacity                5T       
        clusters-involved       [cluster-1, cluster-2]       
        geometry                raid-1       
        health-indications      []       
        health-state            ok       
        locality                distributed       
        operational-status      ok       
        rebuild-allowed         true       
        rebuild-eta             -       
        rebuild-progress        -       
        rebuild-status          done       
        rebuild-type            full       
        rule-set-name           cluster-2-detaches       
        service-status          running       
        stripe-depth            -       
        system-id               device_EAST_UNITY_NONPROD_255       
        thin-capable            false       
        transfer-size           2M       
        virtual-volume          device_EAST_UNITY_NONPROD_255_vol
    2. Next you will need to check on GUI if the device hierarchy is visible.   
        a. Follow the steps to check from GUI:   
            i. Go to Provision storage -- Distributed -- Distributed Devices   
           ii. Select the Distributed device name and right click on the DD name, then click on the   
               "View map" option as shown below:   
               VIEW MAP   
              Example of the GUI map view:   
              User-added image   
    3. If the device is present in the map view, follow the below workaround.   
         a. Restart the Management console via the below command   
      service@managementserver:~> sudo /etc/init.d/VPlexManagementConsole restart       
        Restarting EMC VPlex Management Console...                     done               
           b. Or refer to the KBA listed below on how to restart the management console,     
                KBA 334964, "VPLEX: How to restart VPlexManagementConsole to refresh VPLEX CLI/GUI"     
    If the Device Map is not viewable in the GUI or if the VPlex Management console did not fix the issue please open a live chat with VPLEX support.   
    NOTE: To open a chat with support go to https://www.dell.com/support/ once on the Support page you should see a Black menu bar, click on "Contact Support" at the far right on the menu bar, this will take you to the "Contact Information" page. On the right side of the screen you will see "Dell EMC Administrative Chat", click on this choice and you will be taken to the Live Chat page. For the first step from the "Select Chat Topic" field click on the drop down arrow on the right and then select the related topic for the chat. Then follow the rest of the steps as asked supplying the necessary info for each questions/selection.