XtremIO: Openstack Cinder REST call fails with ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))


   Article Number:     537329                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Openstack Cinder Rest call fails with ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))   
    /var/log/cinder/volume.log* of the cinder node will log following with xtremio.py   
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ERROR cinder.volume.manager   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cinder/volume/drivers/emc/xtremio.py", line 143, in req       
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ERROR cinder.volume.manager     raise exception.VolumeDriverException(message=msg)       
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ERROR cinder.volume.manager VolumeDriverException: Volume driver reported an error: Exception:
('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))
    (xxxxx are date/time)   
    This was verified with Newton release. May look a little different with another release.






('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",)) could happen when the REST call was issued by Cinder node after the connection was terminated by XMS HTTP server.   
    HTTP server of XMS will terminate the connection when it does not receive a complete REST request from the client (Cinder node) within the timeout value.   
    This XMS behavior is by design.   
    Timeout value is 10sec(not modifiable).   
    This is a client side(Cinder node) error.   
    Cinder node could not issue the REST call through "requests module" within the timeout value for some reason.   
    "requests module" is a general open source python library.   
    xtremio.py uses this module to call out actual REST calls.   
    This may not be a problem of xtremio.py or XMS.






This is a client side error.   
    Cinder node could not issue the REST call within the timeout value for some reason.   
    If further analysis is required please engage the server support to analyze the Cinder node.