VPLEX: How to import a VPLEX license file


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A VPLEX license file can be installed on GeoSynchrony 6.1 and higher through the Unisphere for VPLEX GUI or through the VPLEX CLI interface. Previous GeoSynchrony versions used a different licensing scheme so this knowledgebase article would not be applicable for code levels prior to 6.1.x.   
    Note: If you need to obtain a license file, open a licensing service request to do so.   
    To install a license file through the Unisphere for VPLEX GUI:   

      1. Using a browser login to the Unisphere for VPLEX GUI and navigate to the License tab in the top navigation bar.     
      User-added image     
      2. From the license menu select "Install License".     
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      3. From the Install License page select "Browse" button to browse to the location of the .lic file.   
          Once the license file has uploaded select the "Confirm" checkbox and click the "Install License"   
          button at the bottom of the screen.     
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    To install a license file from the CLI:   
      1. Use a program such as WinSCP to copy the .lic file to the /home/service directory on the management server.     
      2. Login to the management server using the service account and enter the VPLEX CLI.     
      service@ManagementServer:~> vplexcli   
      3. From the VPLEX CLI use the "license install -l <path/to/filename.lic>" command to install the license file.     
      VPlexcli:/> license install -l /home/service/CKM00xxxxxxxxx_VPLEX_16-Apr-2019.lic       
        License installed.
      4. The license file can then be displayed using the "license show" command.     
      VPlexcli:/> license show       
        Property      Value       
        ------------- -------------------------------------------       
        Feature Name  VPLEX_LOCAL_CAPACITY       
        Issuer        EMC       
        Issued Date   Tue Apr 16 00:00:00 UTC 2019       
        Expiry Date   None       
        Notice        ACTIVATED TO License Site Number: xxxxxxxx       
        Valid         true       
        Platform      VS2       
        UOM Code      CA       
        UOM Name      Registered Capacity in TB       
        PLC           VPLEX       
        Product Line  VPLEX       
        Capacity      10
<<< note this is the capacity of the licenses installed     
      Capacity Unit TB       
        Usage         8.9
<<< this is how much of the capacity that has been used     
      Usage Unit    TB   






For more information please refer to the "Using the Unisphere GUI to perform digital licensing" section of the VPLEX GeoSynchrony 6.1 Administration Guide.