XtremIO: XMCLI fails to login with "XMS connection failed: Protocol Error"


   Article Number:     537326                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




XtremIO Family






      XMCLI login fails with "XMS connection failed: Protocol Error" after an XMS Upgrade to version 6.2.2-3 and the XMS traceback may show the following 'DB Load Error' due to 'UserAccount tech [0] not found':     
      2019-08-25 10:17:30,791 - XmsLogger[55212:f375::INIeaa291] - ERROR - xms::<module>:130 - DB Load error         
          Fancy traceback saved in /var/log/xms/fancy_tracebacks/2019-08-25-10-17-31-MomException-ee5e05.html         
          Access the fancy traceback here: [https://[Array_X,_Array-X]/xtremapp/fancy_tracebacks/2019-08-25-10-17-31-MomException-ee5e05.html|https://[array_x%2C_array_x]/xtremapp/fancy_tracebacks/2019-08-25-10-17-31-MomException-ee5e05.html]         
          Traceback (most recent call last):         
          File "xms/xms.py", line 123, in <module>         
          File "xms/initialization.py", line 32, in init_and_load         
          File "xms/models/db/connection.py", line 460, in wrapper         
          File "xms/initialization.py", line 44, in load         
          File "xms/initialization.py", line 281, in init_builtin_udmonitors         
          File "xms/models/mom/object_id.py", line 544, in get_object_by_oid         
          MomException: Object: UserAccount tech [0] not found







XMS version 6.2.2.-3 introduced support for dual IPv4 and IPv6 which could cause management network issues. During the XMS-Recovery phase of the XMS upgrade on a Physical XMS, a network reset is issued and the network reset takes an extended period of time which may result in a failure of the XMS Recovery (including a dry-run) process from the managed clusters, leaving the XMS unable to manage said clusters and/or failure on XMCLI login.           
          * There may not be any evidence of actual issues within any of the User Accounts






If you encounter this issue, please contact a member of XtremIO Global Technical Support to verify the issue. If it matches this issue and an XMS-Recovery (or dry-run) is failing, then you may need to escalate to XtremIO Engineering to run a workaround to mitigate this issue.     
      A permanent fix will be included in a future XMS version.