ViPR Controller: Unable to run diagutils collection utility


   Article Number:     533471                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,ViPR Controller Controller 3.0,ViPR Controller Controller 3.5,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP1,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP2





The user is unable to run the diagutils collection utility for ViPR Controller to troubleshoot an issue.   
    There will be no diagutils zip file created.  The diagutils.out log file located in /tmp will show a hangup:   

      ./diagutils: line 349: 11370 Hangup   








The putty session was being shut down prior to the diagutils completing.                                                           







      The user can use the nohup command in front of the diagutils command.  This will allow the collect to complete even if the putty session is closed.     


      nohup ./diagutils -all_cfs -properties -health -zk   


      The diagutils command above is taken from the following KB:   


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