DPA should not report TSM vm client Internal restores as regular User restores


   Article Number:     536220                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





The Restore Details report in Data Protection Advisor (DPA) is to show only user initiated restores.  However, it is also showing, what TSM considers, internal restores. These internal restores are created automatically by the TSM virtual machine client backups, but are NOT actually user initiated restores.  This is only an issue with TSM vm backups.   






DPA is working as designed but it is not the most beneficial manner for customers.  For restore jobs, DPA checks the "summary_extended" table in TSM.  The internal restore jobs happen to show up in there but they are not expected to.   







      Engineering has updated the behavior of DPA and the version that includes the fix is 18.2 build 75 and 19.1 patch 61.  Therefore, to resolve this issue please upgrade to DPA 18.2 build 75 or 19.1 patch 61 or higher. In these versions, DPA now also checks for messages with code "ANE4955I" in the ACTLOG which only user initiated restores have.