Dell EMC Unity and PowerPath for Windows 6.0 SP2 Support Clarification


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As per Simple Support Matrix, PowerPath 6.0 SP2 is supported with Unity.   
    But according to PowerPath 6.0 SP2 release notes, Unity array is not listed.   
    The latest PowerPath version which supports Windows Server 2008 SP2 is PowerPath 6.0 SP2  and hence it is not possible to upgrade to PowerPath 6.1   
    1. What is the correct support statement with Dell EMC Unity and PowerPath for WIndows 6.0 SP2?   
    2. If supported, are the Unity devices claimed by Clariion or VNX class?   







PowerPath 6.0.x release notes missing the Unity array support.                                                           






1. Dell EMC Unity is supported with PowerPath 6.0 SP2.         
        PowerPath 6.0 SP2 release notes will be modified to include Unity support statement.   
    2. Unity devices will be claimed by either Claiion or VNX class based on the second byte of the revision level (e.g: 4401, 4500,5000). For values 0-4 will be Clariion and values 5-9 will be VNX Class.    
    This information can be found from INQ.TXT output collected in the EMCReports.   
    \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE3 :DGC     :VRAID           :4401  :965C3F53   :  4666163200   
    \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE4 :DGC     :VRAID           :0533  :2358AD72   :    26214400