DPA : How to configure monitoring of DD using SNMP v3 in DPA


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Data Protection Advisor 19.1,Data Protection Advisor,Data Protection Advisor Family





SNMP v3 support was added with the release of DPA 19.1 and higher.   
    Monitoring of Data Domain can now be done via SNMP v3.   
    1. First create a SNMP V3 user on Data Domain.   
    2. Select the Authentication Protocol (MD5 or SHA1) and Privacy Protocol (AES or DES) and create passwords to be used for SNMP v3 communication. Note, it is not a requirement from DPA to select both Authentication and Privacy protocols, it will also work with neither selected or just with Authentication Protocol selected.   
    Below is a sample screenshot from Data Domain showing created user:   
    DD User   
    3. Create a credential in DPA to enable communication with Data Domain via SNMP V3.   
        Enter a Name for the credential, select the Type as SNMP and Version as 3.   
        Below is a screenshot which shows the Create Credential  interface in DPA.   
        Enter the Username of the user created in Data domain for SNMP v3 communication.   
        Select the Authentication box and select the Authentication protocol along with the Password that has been set for authentication in Data domain.   
        Check the Privacy option and select the Protocol for privacy that was set in data domain along with Privacy Password.   
        Click OK.   
    5. Once the SNMP v3 credential is created, assign that same credential to all the SNMP requests in DPA for that specific Data Domain.