Data Protection Advisor (DPA): Backup All Clients report is missing some Microsoft SQL instances


   Article Number:     537214                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





When running the DPA Backup All Clients report against Microsoft SQL servers not all of the individual SQL instances are returned in the report.  Several of the instances appear to be missing but there is a line in the report which is labeled as Mixed:   
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Data Protection Advisor is working as designed   
    For Microsoft SQL Servers the DPA Agent will collect information on all the separate instances which are running on each SQL Server.  Each of these instances will have there own name as provided by the SQL DBA.  Within all Microsoft SQL servers there is a default instance created which is named local.  Some SQL DBAs do not remove this local default instance.     
    The Backup All Client report uses the Extended Job Rollup Operator to group all the backups from one client into one line on the report.  For SQL Servers which have not removed or remained the default local instance this causes of these SQL Servers to be returned on one line as Mixed.






The Backup All Clients report is working as designed.     
    Customers can customize this report to change the behavior if needed or engage Dell EMC Professional Services to provide a customized report which is more suitable.