DP4400 Common Depolyment Failures Guide


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Integrated Data Protection Appliance Family





As a proactive measure, make sure the prerequisites for starting the deployment are met to avoid getting stuck during the deployment process.     
      Please check:     

Required pre-checks before installing DP4400 525874
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How to avoid known NTP issue which causes a deployment failure525866
NVMe PCIe SSD card failure may halt deployment527878
    Most common percentages deployment fails at:   
Main IDPA %ComponentComponent %DescriptionKB
1%  Initial deployment "FAILED: Started vCenter server deployment"526567
7%  VCSA not being deployed Error: "Failed to configure the Network"527424
14%DD33%Install gets stuck (cleanup procedure included)525309
Nearly 28%  DP Search deployment may fail with no significant error message logged in server.log525083
33%AVE34%AVE Deployment Failure526843
63%  Proxy failed at proxy deployment, Failed deploying Avamar proxy528676
63%  Failed to enable cloud531835
    Other common deployment failures:   
Deployment fails "Proxy Deployment"526736
ACM Web page reports: Failed to get ESXi instance526477
Fails within 5 seconds of starting the install: DDVE OVF cannot be deployed526928
vCenter server failed to boot during deployment527988
Appliance failed to add ESXi host to datacenter526522
Failed to register ESRS530853
CDRS deployment fails with "Error in Stack status: IN_PROGRESS"527756