IDPA Procedure to update the correct ESX Host password in ACM


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If the ESX password is out of sync and if it does not match on All ESX hosts, it can cause issues with Upgrades, ACM homepage showing red Exclamation and various other issues.       
        This KB procedure walks you through updating this password in ACM.       
        Firstly, The passwords for "root" user on all ESX hosts should be verified. The password can be changed manually as well using "passwd root" command.       
        You can login to the ESX host and run the below command:

  •         passwd root     
    It will ask you enter the password and confirm the same.       
        Once the password has been verified for the ESX hosts, make the appropriate changes in "InfrastructureComponents.xml"






Login to ACM as "root" user.       
        1: Traverse to the config directory:

  •         cd /usr/local/dataprotection/var/configmgr/server_data/config     
2: Open the "InfrastructureComponents.xml" file to edit and make the appropriate changes.   
  •         vi InfrastructureComponents.xml     

      3: Change the <password isEncrypted> flag to false.       
        <password isEncrypted="false">       
        4: Enter the password in clear text format:         
                      <password isEncrypted="false">Enter_clear_text_password_here</password>         
        Make the changes for all hosts and then restart the dataprotection_webapp service.         
          5: Run: service dataprotection_webapp restart         
          This will change the updated password back in encrypted format.         
          Note: Please do not restart this service if you are in the middle of a deployment or an Upgrade process as it can cause issues.







Additionally, we can update the current vCenter password as well in this file and then run vCenter password sync script to update the correct vCenter password in componentcredentials.xml   

      If user wants to change the IDPA vCenter root user password then he can do so through vCenter CLI.  User can also change the vCenter root password from https://vcenterip:5480/URL as well.         
          Once the vCenter root password is changed, user need to follow below process to sync the vCenter password in ACM.

  1.         Copy the script to ACM     
  3.         Change the permission of this script to executablechmod +x     
  5.         Change the permission of this script to executablechmod +x     
  7.         Wait for script to get complete its operation     
    Note: If the vcenter password is changed, it should be updated in the Avamar as well to avoid issues with Internal IDPA backups.   

      Updating the vCenter credentials in Avamar   


      Once the vCenter root password is changed, login to Avamar UI and set the vCenter client password.         
          Administration -> Select vCenter domain -> right click on the client-> click edit -> change the password