Dell EMC Unity: HotFix Installation Advisory (User Correctable)


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Dell EMC Unity Family





Unity hotfixes are non GA (General Availability) software patches built for specific issues, systems, and circumstances.   
    Hotfixes should only be applied as part of a break/fix service request when the root cause is addressed by one of the fixes in the hotfix.   
    Hotfixes are not subject to the formal extensive testing and regression testing that is carried out for all GA releases.   
    As such, Unity users/administrators must acknowledge that, by accepting and installing a hotfix, they are assuming a greater risk than if they wait for the fix to be made available in a Generally Available (GA) release.    
    The preferred upgrade path should generally be to the current target code or latest GA release, or to wait if at all possible for the next GA release or service pack that will contain the fix for their issue.






Important notes:   

  •         Hotfixes are provided on a per array basis only.     
  •         Hotfixes should be regarded as temporary and systems running them should be upgraded immediately as soon as a new GA release is published with the same fix.