Dell EMC Unity: Unable to enable Offline Availability of SMB shares (User Correctable)


   Article Number:     530978                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Dell EMC UnityVSA Professional Edition,Dell EMC Unity Family,Unity All-Flash,Unity Hybrid flash





We cannot enable Offline Availability of SMB shares, the option "Offline Availability" of the shares will be set to "Manual".                                                           






Continuous Availability(CA) is already enabled for the share.   






Starting from Windows 10, when you connect to a (Continuous Availability) CA-enabled share, there is no longer an option to use offline files.This has been disabled by Microsoft in Windows 10.                                                           






a) In order to use Offline Availability, we will have to disable the Continuous Availability.   
    Follow these steps to disable the Continuous Availability,   
    Step 1: Go to SMB Shares on Unity GUI under Storage Tab> Access Tab > SMB Shares, Select the SMB share    
    Step 2: Then  select Edit> Advanced > SMB properties   
    Step 3: Uncheck the Continuous Availability option and   
    Step 4: Enable the Offline Availability.   
    For further information on the same, please refer to the Microsoft blog,