ECS: xDoctor: RAP075: Unable to dump to index on the following nodes


   Article Number:     535206                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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xDoctor reports the following error:   

          Category = checks    Source   = logs    Severity = ERROR    Node     =    Message  = Unable to dump to index on the following nodes.    Extra    =    RAP      = RAP075    Solution = 522558    






Caused by a duplicate key issue in BTREE dump. This impacts the remote index store dump, causes lag in OBCC marker, causes Garbage Collection (GC) issues and impacts the IC jobs and the delete job latency.                                                           






Issue is fixed in 3.2.2 or higher; please upgrade to 3.2.2 or higher.   
    If further assistance is needed open an SR With ECS support and reference this KB article.