Dell EMC Unity: How to import an SSL certificate which has been signed by a local Certificate Authority (User Correctable)


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Dell EMC Unity Family





There is a procedure how to replace Unisphere self-signed SSL certificate with signed certificates from a local Certificate Authority:   
    However an error can happen when trying to install the new certificate:   
    service@SPB spb:~/user/mycerts> svc_custom_cert unitycert   
    ERROR: Certificate </tmp/cert.MIbZ4L/unitycert.crt> is invalid   
    The certificate needs to be base64 encoded before installing it. Use the Windows tool "certutil" to accomplish that:   
    Certutil -v -encode unitycert.crt unity64cert.crt Input Length = 1520 Output Length = 2148   
    CertUtil: -encode command completed successfully.   
    Then upload this encoded file as <unitycert_name>.crt to the storage processorand install it:   
    service@SPB spb:~/user/mycerts> svc_custom_cert unitycert   
    Successfully installed custom certificate files.   
    Restarting web server ...   
    7056\0x7f3c823d77c0:32:Module CIC/ loaded