ECS:<PSNT> and <SWID> shows "Unavailable Connection"[1]


   Article Number:     533806                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Issue:<PSNT> shows "Unavailable Connection" in "ConnectIn Status"   
    PSNT  <SWID> shows "Unavailable Connection" in "ConnectHome Status"   






ESRS3 is configured against SWID but Connect Home uses PSNT to send Alert                                                           






As of ECS 3.2.*, ESRS3 is configured against SWID but Connect Home (Dial Home) is still send via PSNT KB#523533 (Level 40 internal article).   
    This is known issue and there is no Fix available yet   
    As long as<PSNT> ConnecHome Status is Good   
    and<SWID> ConnectIn Status Good and Gateway Connection Available   
    ESRS3 and Connect Home works