ViPR Controller: User session is not logged out after idle time expiry.


   Article Number:     535568                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP2





The user sets the "Token Idle Time" parameter via the ViPR Controller GUI:     
      System -> General Configuration -> Security     
      The expectation is the a user session is logged out once the value defined in "Token Idle Time" has expired.
    However, the user session is not logged out after this value has expired.   






ViPR Controller UI is not handling the "Token Idle Time" as expected.   







      As a workaround the parameter "Token Life Time" can be used.     
      With this parameter set the user session is logged out after the value has expired whether the user session was active or not.     
ViPR Engineering is currently addressing this problem, but has not provided a fix in a released patch.       
        This solution will be updated with the patch when it has been released.