ViPR Controller: Duplicate UUID causes ESX host discovery failure


   Article Number:     533686                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP2





The user performs a vCenter discovery in ViPR Controller in order to detect a new ESX host and have the host discovered.   
    The vCenter discovery task completes successfully but the ViPR Controller host inventory does not contain the new host.   
    For example, an ESX host with an FQDN of is added to vCenter followed by a vCenter discovery in ViPR Controller.   
    The ViPR Controller controllersvc log:   

      vipr1 controllersvc 2019-04-15 13:23:19,408 [2900|vcenter|CS_Discovery|null|84ca3a18-aa3e-4865-88c6-cdbf03f4aed3]  INFO (line 399) Connection status for host (urn:storageos:Host:6ab6905d-dccf-4e0a-aeff-832aa71a9946:vdc1) is connected       
        vipr1 controllersvc 2019-04-15 13:23:19,408 [2900|vcenter|CS_Discovery|null|84ca3a18-aa3e-4865-88c6-cdbf03f4aed3]  INFO (line 401) Discovering IP interfaces for (urn:storageos:Host:6ab6905d-dccf-4e0a-aeff-832aa71a9946:vdc1)       
        vipr1 controllersvc 2019-04-15 13:23:19,859 [2900|vcenter|CS_Discovery|null|84ca3a18-aa3e-4865-88c6-cdbf03f4aed3]  INFO (line 401) Discovering initiators for (urn:storageos:Host:6ab6905d-dccf-4e0a-aeff-832aa71a9946:vdc1)
    The dbutils.list.Host.txt file from a slither collection or diagutils collection shows the above Host URN and that it is associated to a host that is not   
    The dbutils.list.Initiator.txt file from a slither collection or diagutils collection shows one or more Initiator records for however the Host URN associated to these initiators is not associated to   






When performing a vCenter discovery, ViPR Controller connects to the vCenter Managed Object Browser(MOB) in order to gather host details such as the host's UUID and initiator WWNs.   
    In the above example, host has a UUID that is conflicting with a UUID of an ESX host that is already discovered in ViPR Controller.   
    The duplicate UUIDs results in ViPR Controller not being able to determine that these are two different hosts and prevents the DB from being populated with the host details.






The UUID for an ESX host must be unique and the duplication issue has to be addressed before proceeding with further action in ViPR Controller.   
    Once the duplicate UUID issue has been resolved, perform a vCenter discovery in ViPR Controller and confirm that the host is visible from the host inventory.   
    If the host is not visible in the host inventory or is visible but in an error state please contact the DELL EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative for technical assistance and quote this article ID.   
    Note: If Cisco UCS Manager is being used to provision the hosts then the duplicate UUID issue can result from incorrectly configured UCS domains. For example, two UCS domains using the same UUID pool will result in the duplication of UUIDs.






Steps to login and browse the vCenter Managed Object Browser in order to view a host's UUID   

  1.         In a browser enter the following URL                
    •             https://<vCenter IP>/mob         
  3.         Enter the vCenter username and password when prompted     
  5.         Browser the MOD to view the host's UUID by selecting:     
2rootFolderManagedObjectReference:Foldergroup-d1 (Datacenters)
4hostFolderManagedObjectReference:Foldergroup-h4 (host)
    Note: The above can be accessed via the URL https://<vCenter IP>/mob/?moid=host-<Host ID>&doPath=hardware%2esystemInfo