IDPA: DP4400 Deployment Fails During Network Configuration at 36%


   Article Number:     531912                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




DP4400 Appliance,Integrated Data Protection Appliance Family,Integrated Data Protection Appliance,Integrated Data Protection Appliance 2.2,Integrated Data Protection Appliance 2.3





During deployment, after clicking 'Submit' on the Network Configuration page, you will see a failure at 36%    
    The Network Configuration Diagnostic Report has the following error:   
    User-added image   
    The entry below is captured in the ACM server.log (/usr/local/dataprotection/var/configmgr/server_data/logs/server.log):     

2019-04-01 17:05:00,813 ERROR [Thread-69]-appliancemanager.ApplianceConnectionManager: checkESXiHostnameRestrictions -->ESX hostname ESX01doesn't match with [a-z0-9-]+    
    --> This example proved to be the use of Capital Letters in the DNS hostname entries, which are not allowed.                                                           






This indicates that the ESX hostname in the DNS entries is not using the allowed characters [a-z 0-9-]   






Changed uppercase letters to lowercase in the DNS entries..